April 23, 2020

Pavement Preservation

Our line of pavement preservation products are brought to you by our long time partnership with the Henry company based out of El Segundo, CA. Our goal for our pavement preservation product line is to identify contractors focused on delivering high quality products & services, while also creating a more sustainable and eco-friendly space for the individuals in which you serve.

Duroflex HE 340

HE 340 is a premium hot melt asphalt crack sealant designed for applications on asphalt and concrete streets & highways. INDOT APPROVED. click here for more information.

HE 093 Crack Fill

Blend of SBS polymer modified asphalt, fillers and additives designed as a hot applied, premium pavement joint & crack sealant. With only 100% new polymer used. click here for more information.

HE 127 Asphalt Emulsion

Custom blends of hard asphalts delivers superior resistance, user friendly for both spray & squeegee application, & incorporates a high quality slate as its primary filler. Safe & odor free during and after application. click here for more information.

HE 184 Flexible DOT Stick

Flexible Dot Stick is a hot melt asphalt adhesive, which securely bonds pavement markers to asphalt and cement concrete. This flexible marker adhesive has superior bonding characteristics because of its high virgin polymer content and low amounts of filler. click here for more information.

HE 760 Detector Loop Sealant

DURAFLEX DETECTOR LOOP SEALANT is a polymer modified asphalt containing no recycled rubber. It is made with only select virgin ploymer. Our loop sealant is a thin, free-flowing fluid, which easily penetrates narrow detector cuts. This product is suitable for uses in both asphalt & concrete applications. click here for more information.